A book about feelings


I'm a boy from 12 years like many other boys and girls; but that has happened nine years of my life struggling against an illness that has taken over my days though not of my dreams.

My passion is write, draw and be with my brothers, and Pol i and Biel. Writing has helped me to explain throughout all these years, everything he felt, imagined, he wished, he was dreaming,… Writing has helped me to understand everything that was going on inside me; and I think it’s time to share all those thoughts with other guys, girls and families who go through a situation similar to mine and that many times, it makes you feel lonely and different. But I also think guys, girls and distant families in this world, we can see through my words, how much value it has, all they have and all they can do, like just going to school.

My book is one collection of thoughts, sentiments, dreams, the·lusions,… who have accompanied me during these nine years. I hope that if in the end you decide to read these pages, enjoy reading as much as I write them. They are a small sample of everything I am and I hope in the end, we can share a wonderful dream: make this book get as far as possible, contributing to its sale, to improve the future other sick children like me and their families, they need it so much.

la vida fantastica del Dicac Bautista

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